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Haiti – Yvans’ Story

Yvans Fred Nelson lived in Yasin community camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The 22-year-old used to work as a mason, but lost his job when the earthquake struck.

“Before the earthquake, I had a good life; I lived with my family at home. After January 12, I started to sleep outside with my family. We didn’t know where to sleep because everybody had problems.

“Now I’m living in Yasin community camp. Islamic Relief gave me paid work which made me happy. But [then] there was a hurricane. The camp became wet and muddy so we couldn’t sleep. Water even entered the tents…we were in trouble.

“Islamic Relief constructed drainage for us and levelled the whole land with rubble. This prevents flooding when it rains so there’s no more mud in the camp.

“Islamic Relief has helped a lot, providing everybody living in the camp with water and also supplying us with tents. Thank you, life has become better for us.”

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