Clean drinking water at Banbari Village in India thanks to an Islamic Relief Waqf project

Purifying hand pumps in India

The World Bank estimates that 75% of the population of India lack access to safe drinking water.

In Bihar, people use rain, streams and rivers as water to drink. Unsafe and dirty, it’s often contaminated with iron and faeces and spreads diseases.

Man from India with rotten teeth from the high levels of iron in the drinking water

People’s teeth are quickly decaying because of the high level of iron in the water

Islamic Relief Waqf built 45 hand pumps in Pothia and Thakurganj, Bihar. They have systems integrated to automatically remove the iron from the water, purifying it for drinking purposes. These pumps will benefit 2,250 households, equal to approximately 13,500 people.

Members of the community were employed to carry out the work, bringing over 160 days of work.

Wash committees in 40 of the villages were formed. They were empowered and given the responsibility of maintaining the water pumps and the general sanitation and hygiene of the village.

Community meetings were also held to discuss the importance of safe water and hygiene.

Zahidur’s story

Beneficiary of Islamic Relief Waqf's water pump development project in India

Zahidur is one of many to benefit from this project

In Zahidur’s village, Nanhakuri, almost 50% of the population suffer from gastro intestinal illnesses because of the high levels of iron in the water. Treatment costs around 200-400 rupees, which many people cannot afford. Some of Zahidur’s neighbours suffer from kidney stones and gallstones. Unfortunately, they have to endure the severe stomach pains because they cannot afford to have the operation needed.

“We do not have enough money to buy water filtration equipment, and from where would we get mineral water?” explained Zahidur.

With our purifying water pumps, his village will have access to safe water for years to come. No longer will they be consuming unsafe levels of iron.

“I thank the donors and Islamic Relief Waqf. Allah will reward them all for this good work.”

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