Sadiqa with her sewing machine, having dress-making lessons at our Vocational Training Centre in Nintavur, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka – UL Sadiqa’s Story

Sadiqa, 24, lives in Sri Lanka with her elderly parents and elder brothers. Her father is too sick to work, but her mother runs a small poultry farm with 50 chickens.

Her two brothers have psychological difficulties, and the family struggle to meet their needs from their small income.

“I face many difficulties in my family,” said Sadiqa. “We have financial problems and I have to help my family take care of my brothers. With my mother’s earnings from the poultry farm we are able to feed the family only to a certain extent.”

Sadiqa is learning dress-making skills at our Vocational Training Centre in Nintavur. We set up the centre after the devastating tsunami of December 2004, to enable families to improve their livelihoods as well as gain access to health and education services.

For Sadiqa, the centre is providing vital skills which will enable her to work and help provide for her family.

“There is no other way. I think things will stay the same until I find a job after training.”

The family also benefited from a Ramadan food parcel provided by Islamic Relief, which has delivered a number of humanitarian projects in her area.

“Islamic Relief has helped the community in a great way since the tsunami. Temporary shelters and livelihood support have helped the affected community and the orphans are pleased with the education packages given to them. I am sure that this support will help for a long time to some”.

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