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Kenya – Nuria’s story

A mother-of-six, Nuria lives in a house built by her late husband. Before receiving a microfinance loan, she had her electricity cut off because she was unable to continue paying for it.

Through Islamic Relief’s Waqf fund, she was able to set up a kiosk on the main street in Mandera town, Kenya. Now, she and her daughter sell items such as perfumes, oils and clothes – and she says that “business is booming.”

Although she is still unable to meet all the needs of her family, she is hopeful for the future. “With the increase in the popularity of the business and the entrepreneurial skills Islamic Relief has given me, I will be able to continue to make more profit.”

Nuria can now afford to pay her electricity bills, and she is also saving money to pay for the family’s medical expenses.

She aims to make the most of the microfinance loan in order to become self-reliant. She would also like to help her children to get good jobs in the future, so they can escape poverty.

Our microcredit loans have helped thousands, including Kadric, who was able to buy sheep with his. As well as providing a source of income, the work also took his mind of his two sons who were killed during the war.

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