Kadric holding his lamb that gives him a source of income

Bosnia – Kadric Bajro’s Story

Kadric Bajro, 55, lives with his wife in the village of Gladovici, about 20 km outside Srebrenica.

He and Beguna had two sons but both were killed during the war. Their deaths have affected Kadric immensely. Now, he spends much of his time alone in his field.

With an interest-free loan provided through Islamic Relief’s microcredit scheme, Kadric was able to buy sheep. It has given him a stable income, and a way of being productive once more.

Kadric is breeding his livestock, and expects to be able to sell his first sheep soon. The couple also own a cow, and Beguna sells the milk at the local market – providing an extra source of income.

“Islamic Relief is the only organisation helping people in our region,” said Kadrik.

Our microcredit scheme provides interest free loans to enable poor people to achieve an income, and to create employment opportunities for those most in need. So far the scheme in Bosnia and Herzegovina has helped 1,317 people like Kadric. It’s also been implemented in other countries. Nuria from Kenya used a loan to set up her own kiosk.

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