A woman and her two children staying at their neighbour's house as they do not have one of their own.

Iraq – Om Mohamed’s Story

Om Mohamed, 33, is Kurdish and lives in Erbil city with her two young sons. Since her husband divorced her, she has been without a home or means of support. They were taken in by neighbours who provide the three of them with food and shelter.

The family sometimes move from one neighbour’s house to another, relying on the charity of the poor neighbourhood. As they have no income, the family lives on rice, bread and tea and rarely eat any meat.

When Om Mohamed received her Qurbani food parcel from Islamic Relief she thanked our staff. She explained that this was the first time that she had received so much food from anyone.

In Erbil, many people like Om Mohamed regularly face food insecurity because of widespread poverty. Many displaced people rely on rations from the government.

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