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Niger – Issoufou’s Story

For Issoufou, a farmer living in Niger, it is hard to feed his family – so an Islamic Relief Qurbani parcel makes a big difference.

Cyclical food problems in Niger, a country which suffers chronic food insecurity, makes it a gruelling challenge to make ends meet.

“The food crises happen because of poor crop yields, a lack of farming tools and general poverty in our community,” explained Issoufou, a father-of-two, who had cataracts that eventually caused his eyesight to fail.

“I feel frustrated because I can’t always get food for my children. But what can I do?

“I grow vegetables, despite my disability, and in the rainy season I harvest millet, which I can then exchange for other basics that my family needs.

“On Eid day, after prayers, I visit my relatives and neighbours. We rarely eat meat, because it is so expensive, so I can’t afford to do my own Qurbani. I rely on my family and friends sharing theirs with me, otherwise my children have to go begging.”

In 2010, Issoufou and his family received an Islamic Relief Qurbani meat package for the first time. “Qurbani meat is very useful to my family- see how happy my children are today because they have enough meat? They don’t need to beg today.”

Issoufou hopes that his eldest son will be able to study in order to get a better job. “I need assistance to help my children and improve their welfare so that they will not have to live like I do.

“I’m thankful to Islamic Relief’s supporters, may Allah reward them all and increase their welfare.”

A brighter future for Issoufou

In 2013, Issoufou also became one of around 2,600 people to receive free cataract surgery at Islamic Relief Niger’s specialist clinic. The simple, low cost treatment has given him back his independence.

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