A man from India is smiling after receiving a Qurbani food parcel from Islamic Relief Waqf

India – Mastan Sahib’s Story

Since a long battle with typhoid, Mastan Sahib, 60, has been unable to work. He lives in Nagbanda village, Pungnoor, with his only son.

Baba Jan, 16, has been working in a tea-stall for a decade. Earning just Rs. 40 (US$ 0.80) per day and helping to take care of his father, Baba Jan has never been to school.

With Mastan unable to make the two kilometer journey to the local market, he also relies on his son to bring home food. Many families in their village eat beef, but Mastan and Baba Jan cannot afford meat more than once a week.

The family received a Qurbani meat parcel through Islamic Relief. To donors who supported the Qurbani programme, which provided meat that will feed him and his son for two days, Mastan said, “May Allah give them long life and Barkath (Benediction). And ability to provide more for others”.

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