An orphaned boy and his mother in their new house funded by Islamic Relief Waqf

Solar-powered homes for orphans in Bangladesh – Omar’s story

When he was nine years old, Omar Faruk was in a cycling accident that left him in hospital for three months, and killed his father.

The pair were on their way to the tailoring shop that Omar’s father owned, which was the family’s only source of income.  When his father died, his mother was unable to keep it up and Omar, his sister and his mother were forced to move into his grandfather’s house.

It was Omar’s uncle who heard about Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship programme which helps to support orphans financially. Islamic Relief was able to support the family so that Omar’s mother could start to build a better life for the family. However they still didn’t have a house of their own.

In 2014, Islamic Relief Waqf constructed 85 houses to provide basic shelter for orphans, like Omar and Soriful, and their families. The houses were also fitted with solar lighting systems, enabling children to continue studying after dark.

“We had a dream of having our own house which came true after receiving a house from Islamic Relief Waqf. It would not have been possible without the assistance of this project. We hope that the donors receive a even better reward from Allah,” says Omar.

Since moving into their new house, Omar achieved GPA-5.00 (A+) in the last Primary School Certificate examination. He told us that, in the future, he wants to become a doctor.

The housing project also encouraged community participation through voluntary support from neighbours, relatives and civil society, helping to strengthen social solidarity. Materials for the houses were locally-sourced and local expertise and labour was used for construction and installation, providing valuable employment opportunities.

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