Two Palestine orphans with their mother. They were sponsored by Islamic Relief Waqf.

Palestine – Atteya Abdo’s Story

Atteya and Hussain Abdo are orphaned children, supported through Islamic Relief’s sponsorship scheme in the Palestinian Territories.

When their father died of cancer aged just 39, he left behind a wife and five children. The family had exhausted all of their savings to pay for medical care, and had no support.

Islamic Relief offered a lifeline. Like Asmabi, Hussain, 13, and his brother Atteya, 10, were enrolled on our One to One Orphan Sponsorship programme. Through the scheme, they received a regular allowance for their basic needs, and which enabled them to go to school.

Atteya’s sponsor offered to pay for treatment for his hearing loss, but the Dier Al Ballah Rehabilitation Centre had run out of fuel. Fuel shortage is acute in the Palestinian Territories – particularly inside blockaded Gaza.

“The situation has affected the family badly,” said Ibrahim Ahmed Abdo, of the suspension of international aid. “The Palestinian government [was] unable to pay the salaries of employees for six months.” It meant the mother of Atteya and Hussain was left without the support of her late husband’s pension.

“The shelling, electricity blackouts and water problems has made the children’s lives very hard. Atteya cannot sleep, he sticks to his mother’s side when there is no power.”

Thousands of Palestinian children face hardship after losing the breadwinner of their family.

“Everything is hard in my life,” said the mother of Atteya and Hussain. “I hope God protects her [Atteya’s sponsor] and her children for standing stand beside my children.”

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