A woman from India with her goat, funded by Islamic Relief Waqf

India – Asmabi’s Story

Asmabi, 40, lives in a house with her mother and two children, Firdous and Arshad.

Like Atteya and Hussain, Firdous is sponsored through Islamic Relief’s One-to-one Orphan Sponsorship scheme – which provides for his basic needs and enables him to go to school. Asmabi faces many daily obstacles; travel is difficult because there are no proper roads or frequent transport. To get water, she has to go to another house in the village.

However, with the help of the One-to-one Orphan Sponsorship scheme and the Waqf fund, life has become easier for Asmabi. Her family obtained two goats to rear through Islamic Relief’s Waqf fund. She now sells goat milk, which supplements her income. Life has become easier.

“I have now cleared my debts, and we are using the money we receive for my sons’ sponsorship to provide him with food, clothing, better hygiene and schooling,” she said. “We survive only on the generosity of Islamic Relief and its donors.”

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