Dilejan having her eyes checked before she has an operation for her glaucoma to get her sight back

Blindness in Bangladesh – Dilejan’s story

For years, Dilejan suffered from her blindness, not only physically, but mentally. She couldn’t do anything on her own; she felt like a liability on her family.

Unable to see anything, she couldn’t move around by herself and she would often fall over in roads and other dangerous places. She couldn’t help out in the house and she constantly had to ask her family to help her.

Like Hasem, Dilejan was one of the 825 people to benefit from our project to provide eye treatment and care. She underwent an operation to treat her glaucoma, and within a day she had her sight back. She told us about how her life has changed since.

Dilejan had an operation to treat the glaucoma that made her blind. She now has her sight back.

Dilejan is now able to see again after having an operation to treat her glaucoma.

“My life is a lot easier now. Before I had the operation, I couldn’t even pick up a glass of water from right in front of me, or eat food properly. But now, I can do normal things. It feels great.”

One of the best outcomes of the project for Dilejan is being able to see her family again. She hadn’t been able to see her great-grandsons properly for years. Now, she’s enjoying taking care of them while her granddaughter is working.

Speaking about the project, one of the doctor’s at the hospital said that “[people who are blind] can feel useless, like their life is meaningless. But when they get their sight back they can return to working life and help their family. It’s a great change for them – to go from darkness to light.”

Dilejan playing with her great grandsons who she can see properly now after having an operation to treat her glaucoma which made her blind.

Dilejan can now see and play with her great-grandsons.

Before her operation, Dilejan couldn’t only not work herself, but by asking her family for help, she was also taking them away from their jobs. Now, she’s delighted to be able to help out with jobs where she can. She feels as though her life has a purpose again.

She is overwhelmingly appreciative of being given her sight back, and she wishes the same fortune for the thousands of others in her area that suffer the same fate.

“This area of Bangladesh is extremely poor. Most people have money problems, and when one of the family members has eye sight problems, it’s almost impossible to take care of them properly. This project is vital for people in this situation,” she says.

We want to bring more people out of the darkness by giving them back their sight. Will you help us?

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