Hasem, a blind man, standing outside his house made of straw and bamboo

Blindness in Bangladesh – Hasem’s story

Hasem used to make a living from pulling a rickshaw, but when his eye sight started to deteriorate, he had a few accidents which cost him his job. He tried to earn some money by doing odd household jobs, but he told us that people didn’t want to hire him due to his poor vision.

Bangladesh is home to around 750,000 blind people, and for the vast majority, like Hasem, it’s cataracts that are the cause.

Unable to move, walk, or do anything without help, he felt depressed about not being able to provide for his family financially. His son had to drop out of school to look after him.

Following his operation, Hasem has returned to work.

Following his operation, Hasem has returned to work.

Like Dilejan, Hasem was one of 825 people to receive eye treatment and care. Speaking about the project, one of the doctor’s at the hospital said that “[people who are blind] can feel useless, like their life is meaningless. But when they get their sight back they can return to working life and help their family. It’s a great change for them – to go from darkness to light.”

Hasem certainly felt as if he had his life back. He returned to his job straight away, pulling his rickshaw and doing other laborious jobs. He’s delighted that he is able to support his family again.

“The operation has radically changed my life. Before, I couldn’t see or move properly, but now I can move effortlessly without any help,” says Hasem. “I always pray for the donors who supported me in this project. I hope that Islamic Relief can continue to implement projects like this to help the poor people living in this area.”

We want to bring more people out of the darkness by giving them back their sight. Will you help us?

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