A man in Gaza receiving a Ramadan food parcel from Islamic Relief

Gaza – Salaman’s story

Gazan father-of-seven Salaman Abo Samha lost his job as a builder in 2000. Due to the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip, he has been unable to secure other work.

The Abo Samha household now rely entirely on the on the little money that his wife makes by sewing clothes, and charity. They rarely eat meat and struggle to pay for fresh ingredients or fruit.

“I avoid accompanying my children to the market,” said Salaman. ”They want fruit and I can’t afford it, so instead I bring them lollipops as a distraction.”

The family of nine lives in a three-room house. Their home needs renovation but Salaman cannot think about repairing it as he struggles to provide even basic food for his family.

Salaman explained how receiving an Islamic Relief food parcel at Ramadan enabled him to mark the holy month properly. “It contains good food and can sustain my family for 20 days. The Ramadan basket includes cheese, cereals and cooking oil. Now my family can actually eat two meals a day – suhoor and iftar.”

Salaman hopes that with enough support, his children will one day be able to attend university and become self-sufficient.

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