A girl holding a balloon at an Islamic Relief Waqf event in Indonesia


Sowing seeds today for tomorrow’s harvests

Waqf donors see what they spend in charity multiply through a secure investment.

The proceeds are harvested annually and used to help poor and vulnerable people across the globe. Orphaned children, widowed women, elderly people and those who have lost loved ones are amongst the beneficiaries of Waqf-funded projects.

Donors planting seeds today will also reap its reward in the Hereafter, when they meet God (SWT). Big-hearted donors will receive the reward for their good deed, for as long as it continues to benefit others.
In addition, God (SWT) increases the reward for charity given in the holy month of Ramadan – a time when hardship can be particularly acute for the poorest families.

God (SWT) says: “The parable of those who spend their monies in the sake of Allah is that of a grain that produces seven spikes, with a hundred grains in each spike. Allah multiplies this manifold for whomever He wills. Allah is Bounteous, All-knowing” {Al baqarah, 2:261}.

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