How can I buy a Waqf share?
How much money should I pay in order to have a Waqf share?
How much do you charge for admininstration fees on my Waqf donation?
Why aren’t your admininstration fees lower?

Do you make interest?
What is the difference between Waqf and zakah, wasiyya and saddaqah?
Did the prophet encourage Muslims to make Waqf?

Can I get more than one Waqf share?

Can I share a Waqf share with somebody else (ie. a relative)?

Can I buy a Waqf share for somebody else or someone who has died?
Can I pay in instalments?
Will I receive a report on how my Waqf shares are performing?
When will I receive the Waqf Deed (legal documents)?
Will I receive a Waqf Deed for each share I invest in?

Do I have the right to decide how to spend the returns of my Waqf share?
Who are the beneficiaries of General Waqf?
Can I make Waqf for certain number of years?
If I buy a share in Qurbani Waqf, do I still need to perform the annual Qurbani?
Where do you work?
How do you ensure that funds are spent in the right way?


Why choose to donate to Islamic Relief Waqf?